Dawn to Dusk Previews

Yesterday we took the Tarverizer 4Runner (as opposed to our old stock-model one) out to check out one of the many areas you’ll be visiting this year for the 10th Anniversay Dawn to Dusk race.

I might have squealed more than I have in a long time when we found this big rock face (sooooo many good potential climbing lines there, and you can’t beat the view) . . . and we’re all in agreement that this year is going to be special.

So, I thought we’d put together a collage of photos of views you might see (or close enough to what you might see) to whet your whistle and get you psyched.

This is a sell out race – so do not delay getting in if you’re planning on it, and keep up that training: your views are definitely earned here. We’ve got 80 spots to go as of today (4/14)  and that goes quick because it’s teams showing up. Register here!

620475_10100539105180755_130462400_o 775009_10100708268056995_1251991868_o 883368_10100788106330455_70786127_o 920403_10100842628612365_641714385_o 1077399_10100942706819835_351138723_o 1116261_10100960661987535_847596291_o 1962474_333879016821817_8220883316139075808_o 10259118_10101329576924045_6010375410242549528_o 10407385_10101716664232975_3591350884269803031_n 10917096_10101716644811895_3260725014003968250_n 11083981_333879063488479_2159589881801867018_o 11146447_333879026821816_2545184370636419156_o 1614018_10101203819487955_137773966_oPhotos copyright Kristin Tara Horowitz 🙂