Love + Adventure!

Nothing brings together friends or those in a relationship more than something that puts them to a test. Your friends at All Out Adventure Series definitely know this one all too well – what started out as two friends supporting each other to make races happen turned into love, marriage, and a dual baby carriage!

It’s a proven fact that fear makes someone more attractive. And while we’re not out to scare you, the same stressors and comraderie that come out of adventure racing can do the same!

Here’s four couples’ stories – we’d love to hear yours!

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What better way to spend time with your loved one than encouraging each other to push through physical challenges? Running, obstacle course racing, hiking, adventuring… We’ve had so much fun discovering outdoor activities close to home and far away. It keeps us young! – Colleen + Akira Hirai

Kelsey Stewart and Todd Gailey

When we race together there’s this freedom to be like kids again; curious and bold. We have the whole day to explore the details and the best part isn’t even the destination, it’s all the wild stuff that happens along the way. The memories linger like pixie dust in our way too adult lives. – Michelle + Martin Fletcher

Time to just be us! Also, the best “premarital counseling” you will ever receive! Race together, stay together! – Ashley + Steve Laputz (who incidentally met racing)