We understand you’re putting your life in our hands for the time you’re on the course and we want you to know what’s on deck should you need it:

What's a little night navigation between friends?
What’s a little night navigation between friends?
  • We work with the local Search and Rescue team to provide EMTs and rescue equipment on course throughout the whole event.
  • We also have arrangements with CalStar, an air ambulance, and H70, the local CHP rescue helicopter for ALS and hard to reach locations in the SLO area.
  • On the water we have a patrol boat for kayak and boat safety.
  • Many on our staff are trained in wilderness emergency medicine, and we are capable of performing search and rescue operations in conjunction with the above agencies.

The worst injury we have had in our 9 years was heat stroke and we had an IV in him in 10 minutes and en route to the local ER in 20 minutes.

All of our routes are planned with the ability to reach people in the case of injury, and we utilize manned checkpoints as ways to isolate locations where people are missing.

The usual incidence of disappearances occur when people do not follow our rules (take paths that are out of bounds, separate from our partners, or simply leave without letting us know – we do not have cell phone reception so calling and leaving a message will make us look for you for hours if you do not check in).

All of our transition areas and course marshals have VHF radios that use a repeater so we have communications throughout the entire course, as little to no cell phone reception is available in some of the areas we travel through.

These races can be serious – use your best judgement on course when it relates to terrain, light, food/water, or temperatures. Take the course seriously.