Yishai, Kristin, & the All Out Events staff knocked things out of the park with this event!

Thank you to all the staff at All Out for the most AMAZING Adventure Race I have ever been a part of!… I would for sure do this event again in a heart beat! Thank you for all the work you all put into these events to ensure adventure racing stays alive and fun!

Now the folks at All Out Events are not only awesome but very supportive. Not like any other races we’ve attend, these guys will wait night and day until everyone has crossed the finish line or have been found. I’ve never met an organization who cares more about their racers/guest then anyone else.

Exhausted, a little delirious & so freakin’ proud. More accomplished than I ever felt in my entire life! I had been feeling so unmotivated in my activities lately & this race has totally given me that old spark back. My husband was my teammate and this was such a gift to our marriage. I have never worn a race shirt more proudly.

I figured it’d be tough. I was worried about everything: where would we be going, how would I know what the hell I was supposed to be doing, did I bring the right stuff? 1st time in a race my goal was to not die. This is not some canned race, I did have that “gulp” feeling that I could get eaten by a mtn lion, fall off a cliff or heat stroke.

All my thoughts of quitting earlier in the race were completely forgotten as I turned the last curve on the Kayak.

Your races pushed me to my limits and made me face a few of my fears at the same time.

I know that you are not supposed to get outside assistance in an adventure race… But I love talking to all the other racers and teaming up for different legs and consulting and saving each other from wrong turns…. There is such a sense of community out there on the course! (Never mind the ridiculously outstanding organizers!!!)

The staff was extremely helpful in making sure my partner was OK when he was suffering from heat exhaustion. As much as he wanted to move forward and go climbing, the staff didn’t let him, which was probably best for his health. I liked that they were so concerned for safety, that was very reassuring.

The race always asks for that last teeny bit, that one more checkpoint, that one hour hike. The race knows you have more to give and takes it from you. What you get in return is difficult to explain to anyone who hasn’t been there. The full gamut of emotions are experienced, not only yourself, but also among and with your teammates. There’s no choice but to be raw and unfiltered – your true character is revealed for all to see. And at some point, what was once just a group of people suddenly becomes a team. And that team starts having fun together in the face of impossible ravines – and the impossible altogether. That can take a decade to build in a company, years in sports, but in an adventure race – Alex will tell you – it takes about 10 hours.

Load up: the bus is taking you to the start! AND YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE THAT WILL BE. Muwahahah.
Load up: the bus is taking you to the start! AND YOU DON’T KNOW WHERE THAT WILL BE. Muwahahah.
Adventure Racing: Free hugs at the finish
Adventure Racing: Free hugs at the finish

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