Unfortunately, we do hold races in areas where poison oak likes to take root – but there are plenty of ways to deal with it (trust us, after ten years of scouting and course prep – we know!):


  • Wear long sleeves, gaiters, hats, neckerchiefs, etc to limit body contact with the bush when it appears
  • Consider using a product such as an ivy block lotion before you come in contact with it
  • Know what the bush looks like – sometimes it’s small, sometimes it’s huge. Sometimes it’s red, other times green. Leaves can vary in size and shininess!

On the course:

  • If it’s a dry year – and you’re a bit spacey from going all day – it’s generally just a good idea to avoid anything green. Its roots go deep and it is likely the greenest plant you’ll see on the course.
  • Know that we intentionally never send you through it – if it seems like you have to bushwhack through poison oak, look around – we try very hard to not make the smartest path the one through this vile little bush. If it is – we will go and cut it down for you, so look for a cleared path.

After the race:

  • Tecnu showers: they may be cold - but they work!Head to our Tecnu showers and follow the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Quarantine anything that may have touched the poison oak in a bag and be sure to wash it with Tecnu when you get home – very often we have enough bottles for you to take – just ask.
  • If you do get the rash – there are some wonderful products over the counter that can help alleviate it, such as Calagel.
  • If it’s severe enough to see a doctor – do it. A round of steroids makes life so much better.