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The 2015 All Out 24 will take place in Mono and Inyo County between Mammoth Mountain and the City of Bishop.


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You have two world-class destination areas to stay at. Both offer camping as well as hotels and other accommodations. Mention the adventure race when booking lodging (and do it early) and you will likely get the best deals!

Bishop, CA – where our race starts and finishes

City of Bishop Introduction from Bristlecone Media on Vimeo.

Mammoth Lakes, CA – where team check in is on Friday night

The All Out 24 exists because our staff love this area and want to share every drop of its goodness with you. Whether you’re looking for an adventure, have a weekend to kill, or you have enjoyed your stay and want to come back, here is a basic guide to all the awesome things around to check out!

But don’t stop at Bishop and Mammoth and the race – this place is EPIC.

Check out Inyo County (we’ll be in the very northern bit of it) and Mono County (the very southern) as a whole. This is a GREAT time to take a vacation with family and friends, we promise.


Weather is a serious matter on the Eastside. We do not expect snow or rain to be an issue, thought it’s always a possibility. The weather, however, can fluctuate wildly from the mountains to the desert, with 30+ degree variance (Fahrenheit) in temperature. We expect Mammoth to go anywhere from freezing in the morning to 70s at the hottest point of the day, and Bishop to reach between 80-100 degrees in the heat of the day. BE PREPARED!


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