All Out Events is a team of friends and professionals who have put on adventure races for over a decade.

We do it because we love the community and because it’s a wonderful excuse to go in search of the coolest stuff around.

We’re also the only full-time professional event company on the West Coast producing these kinds of events.  

We believe this is why we’ve been voted the top beginning adventure race by National Geographic Adventure Magazine and why we have the largest event of this type in the continent.

About Us: All Out Events

Our Story

The whole thing started when Yishai Horowitz got a deal with ESPN radio to produce an adventure race for his school internship. Kristin was by his side, working as ropes supervisor and volunteer coordinator, but eventually slid into the role of business manager and event fixer. Find out more about our events – and the other stuff we do – by clicking here.

Why All Out Adventure Series?

Being a full-time event company allows us to spend the time to do it right – from serious scouting, solid preparation, marketing, and big crowds to nice details like professionally designed shirts, bike racks and more amenities.

Our background incorporates climbing, mountain biking, and even mud run productions so you never know what we’re going to throw at you – but very few people have the repertoire available to them that we do! There’s a reason why we partner with other adventure race teams and even Spartan Race from time to time!

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