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  • Race management reserves the right and authority to change the course, route and stages of the race at any time due to a real or perceived risk to participants safety or spirit of the race
  • Teams or individuals will receive map, passport and passport instructions race morning
  • Racers are required to provide their own hydration and nutritional supplies for exercises between 2 and 7 hours (depending on race length).
  • All race activities are to be completed by team members or registered solos only
  • No motorized equipment (motor on kayak or bike)
  • Team members must stay within 100 feet of each other
  • All teams/racers must finish the race with their passport
  • Racing bibs are to be worn, visibly, at all times during the race
  • Competitors are required to follow the course, route of travel and method of travel when stated
  • Please don’t liter or leave anything behind on the course. Leave No Trace!
  • An ANSI or Snell approved helmet is required for the mountain bike section.
  • You are required to wear a Coast Guard approved P.F.D. life jacket at all times when in kayak and otherwise instructed.
  • Santa Margarita Lake is a municipal water source. NO BODY contact is permitted with the lake. This is very important and not abiding by it jeopardizes the future of our event. Please DON’T TOUCH the water.


  • A time penalty may be imposed for a violation of any of the race rules. In the event that a team is assessed a time penalty, the time penalty shall be served by the team prior to crossing the finish line. Time penalties shall be cumulative and a team may be assessed more than one time penalty for violations of the same rule.
  • Teams missing a CP will have the opportunity to acquire the CP prior to finishing.
  • Penalty times range from 10 to 60 minutes.