Main Points
  • Race management reserves the right and authority to change the course, route and stages of the race at any time due to a real or perceived risk to participants safety or the spirit of the race
  • Teams will receive map, passport and passport instructions race morning
  • No motorized equipment (motor on kayak or bike)
  • Teams of 1-4 in any combination are eligible to tackle the course
  • Teams of 4 will be given a 10 minute handicap for the kayak portion of the event
General Race Rules
  • Racers are required to provide their own hydration and nutritional supplies for exercises for up to 26 hours.
  • All race activities are to be completed by team members only
  • All racers must follow the rules of the road (stop at stop lights and stop signs) observe the right of way
  • Team members must stay within 100 meters of each other
  • All teams must finish the race with their passport
  • Racing bibs are to be worn, visibly, at all times during the race
  • Competitors are required to follow the course, route of travel and method of travel when stated
  • Please don’t liter or leave anything behind on the course. Leave No Trace!
  • Gear checks may be performed. Please oblige in a courteous and timely manner
  • Cutoff times and locations will be enforced. Times and locations will be given at pre-race meeting.
  • An ANSI or Snell approved helmet is required for mountain bike and rope sections.
Check Points
  • Teams will travel from check point (CP) to CP, requiring navigation and route finding teams must present their passports to race officials when asked.
Kayak Rules
  • You are required to wear a Coast Guard approved P.F.D. life jacket at all times when in kayak and otherwise instructed.
  • A time penalty or disqualification may be imposed for a violation of any of the race rules. In the event that a team is assessed a time penalty, the time penalty shall be served by the team prior to crossing the finish line. Time penalties shall be cumulative and a team may be assessed more than one time penalty for violations of the same rule.
  • Teams missing a CP will have the opportunity to acquire the CP prior to finishing.
  • Penalty times range from 10 to 60 minutes.